Kai Duck Branding

Kai Garden at Millenia Walk, helmed by Chef Fung Chi Keong, is a renowned Cantonese restaurant that is a popular choice for special occasions. To offer the same exceptional Cantonese cuisine to a wider audience, we were asked to brand the chef's more casual dining option, Kai Duck, which is designed to cater to smaller groups, couples, and people of ethnicities who are not accustomed to Cantonese food.


Kai Duck Primary Logo
Primary Brand Logo
Kai Duck Secondary Logo
Secondary Brand Logo
Kai Duck Brand Motif
Brand Motif


Kai Duck Corporate Color 1

Jade Green

Pantone Coated 5477C
Pantone Uncoated 5477U
C66 M24 Y43 K66
R34 G73 B69

Kai Duck Corporate Color 2

Antique Gold

Pantone Metallics
Coated 10346C

Kai Duck Corporate Color 3

Duck Yellow

Pantone Coated 7508C
Pantone Uncoated 7508U
C2 M19 Y46 K4
R225 G184 B127

Kai Duck Corporate Color 4

Canton Green

Pantone Coated 5635C
Pantone Uncoated 5635U
C34 M10 Y33 K20
R148 G165 B150


Kai Duck Typography – Montserrat Regular
Kai Duck Typography – Montserrat Bold
Kai Duck Typography – Source Hans Sans Regular
Kai Duck Typography – Source Hans Sans Bold


Kai Duck Promotional Banner
Kai Duck Promotional Ad 1
Kai Duck Photography